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I never write anymore. . .sad face.

However, I'm going to throw this out for the universe to judge:


I made it myself through das weebly...so if you're a webdesigner, try not to judge me too harshly. However, you can see a little bit of what I've been up to, and listen to ma' tracks, and whatnot. 

What say ye, o internet companions?

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OMYGOD it's been a million years.
So, I'm in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, at a summer program. It feels like a lifetime already.
I was rather anxious about this 8-week displacement in my life, even though I *know* it is worth the experience/resume building/etc. Performing Donna Anna in Don Giovanni's sort of a big deal for me : )
I haven't had to make new friends in a reeeeeally long time. I was never super popular or good at friendsmaking at IU, so I was scared that I'd spend a lot of time by myself. . .but now I remember. . .the singers are all psycho-friendly. It's in our nature, as networking is what gets you jobs in this busyness. And apparently I got good at it. I am the JJ (my hyper-awesome little brother) of this place. For real. I have made such good friends, so quickly - I am blessed with talented and wonderfully-nice colleagues.
IF only my conductor weren't a raging lecherous jackass some of the time. . .but that's another story.
I'm in a town full of taxidermied things, gays, bikers, and touristy stuff like Dinosaur World, Dear lord, it is a weird place. I love it here thus far. Always entertained!

Sadly, Gary's been having a rough time - both car and computer gone kaput within 3 days! Hopefully life will work out okay for him while I'm gone - so sad I am unable to support him when life is suuuuucky.

More later.

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It has been months since I've posted anything other than self-promotion, it seems. I haven't been up to much of anything - at least not on the surface...
My *one* class this semester hasn't been too desperately taxing. I start rehearsals with my chamber partner tomorrow, and I'll be accompanying a few ladies starting tomorrow as well...and two extracurricular choirs, one of which is paid!
The opera is over, and it went well. I got sick a few weeks back, and have been under-par vocally ever since. I haven't had this kind of extended crap before, and it is SO. FRUSTRATING. to not have my voice be normal....grrr. But there was cool costumes and lovely lovely colleagues and conductor and director, so I loved the show. Now, it's get-back-to-good, audition like a fool, and figure out my next year. I want to research. I want to be Dr. Liz....so, more school. But where? Here? Probably...I'll never leave this place. Meh.
This life is such a change from last year, when I was busy from 7am-11pm, and THEN got to come home and do homework. Dropping the ed major makes my life almost boring...but I do have time to think about music more often, and that's refreshing. I have about 5 recital plans...all of which make me soo happy. Woo, music.
I have too much free time...must find things to do!

Sorry, shameless self-promotion ahoy

L'italiana in Algeri - a dramma giocoso by Rossini
8pm, Musical Arts Center, IU Bloomington

General admission tickets $20 for non-students, $12 w/student ID

I have a wicked amount of coinage on my "Algerian" costume...I love it!
Come see the talented cast!!


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Hi, folks! In case you're not a friend on das FaceBuch, here's an invite to my recital!

FORD HALL, IU School of Music

Pieces by Handel, Chausson, Dvorak, Strauss, Mozart

Please come!!

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So, I managed to save some money and get a fabulously trashy dress anyway.  Let's see if I can find the Deb...confection...I found for $30 yesterday.

Here it is! Oh, dear lord...it's the "orange"...but it's more of a ketchup.

They had it in plus and non-plus at the store...I am so proud of Deb for supporting younger fashion for girls who aren't twiggish. And the dress is stretchy, so it feels amazing. And it doesn't give me armpit cleavage. Hoo raah.

Except that the cheapo fabric pulls and runs a little, it's ideal for the scene I needed. The length helps so one of my fellow actors doesn't have to hump my leg without the safety curtain of fabric : P

Speaking of...you should come to see my opera workshop.


IU Summer Opera Workshop I 2009
4-5:15pm, Sunday June 21
Musical Arts Center 301
 (enter through the rear doors. Yeah, that's what I said)

I'm in four scenes, due to the illness of another girl. Scenes from Falstaff, Magic Flute, She Loves Me, and Madame Butterfly featuring friends and me, and scenes from Dido and Aeneas, La Forza del Destino, Don Pasquale, Martha, and La Matrimonio Segreto featuring friends without me! It'll be a BLAST, come see it.